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‘The Real Rap Wives of Birmingham’ Premieres Online? Le’ Ratchet?

‘The Real Rap Wives of Birmingham’ Premieres Online? Le’ Ratchet?

If you found the ladies of “Love & Hip Hop” difficult to relate to, a bevy of southern women are hoping to give you a taste of their down-home hip-hop world. Nina LaBelle, Ms. Mercy, Queen Of Trill, Ms. Sha, and Pooh are just a few of the stars of “The Real Rap Wives of Birmingham,” a reality show documenting the day-to-day lives of Alabama women with ties to local rappers.

Bypassing the glitz and glamour of VH1 production, the “Real Rap Wives” recently premiered their show online in the popular YouTube webisode format. In episode one, Nina, who seems to be the lead of the show (think Mimi Faust in a Bebe shirt) is trying to persuade  two of the other ladies, Ms. Mercy and Queen of Trill, to settle their differences. Two later scenes showing LaBelle speaking separately with each lady; one over homemade cornbread, the other over Newport cigarettes and wine.

As of yet the “Real Rap Wives” doesn’t feature fighting; just lots of Coogi clothing, heavy Southern accents, “boss lady music”, and popping bottles of Arbor Mist. Doesn’t get much realer than that.

Check out the “Real Rap Wives of Birmingham” below.

Are the “Real Rap Wives”to much for TV? Do you think this is worth watching or is it just too “ratchet” for your taste?

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