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5 Great Beauty Uses for Vaseline

5 Great Beauty Uses for Vaseline

Oh, your greasy, heavy nature has pitted so many against you. You actually can be beauty-saver!! This thick petroleum jelly you have been running from for years is now going to be your best convenient friend after reading these 5 great beauty uses!


1. Lip Balm

One of Vaseline’s more obvious uses is lip balm. This thick greasy agent will send cracked lips packing and leave your lips smooth and kissable. Just don’t wear too much, you don’t want to look like you just a bucket of chicken!

2. Perfume Lasts Longer

Want to smell good all day? Perfect! Rub a bit Vaseline on your neck/wrist and then perfume as usual. The Vaseline helps even distribute the scent and captures it for long-lasting effect.

3. Salt/Sugar Scrub

Don’t break the bank on expensive exfoiliate when you can DIY yourself! Using your lovely jar of petroleum jelly mixed with coarse sea salt or a brown sugar and viola! you have a homemade exfoliate!

4. Make-up remover

Say you run out of make-up remover and you have no wipes in sight, your handy-dandy Vaseline will do just the trick! Just take a dab on a paper towel and it gently rubs aways your make-up.

5. Nail Polish Saver

Don’t you just hate when you go to touch up your nails and you almost need an army of ten thousand to twist your cap off? Well, I know I do. Use Vaseline as a lubricant to help slide the lid right off.


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