Music Minute: Lauryn Hill- Doo Wop (That Thing)

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lauryn hill

 ” Who’re you going to tell when the repercussions spin? Showing off your a– because your thinking it’s a trend Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again! You know I only say it because i’m truly genuine Don’t be a hard rock, when you really are a gem Baby girl! Respect is just… Read more »

A Moment of Reality, An Army of Peace: KONY 2012 (Video)

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Kony 2012

  The world is bigger than a political showdown. Please take a moment to watch this video and acknowledge the issues of our international family.  We focus on so many things that are meaningless compared to the value of a child’s life and future. We need to start speaking out and acting out against injustice…. Read more »

Music Moment: India.Arie Video

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There was a time where we embraced ourselves as beautiful women, not only through our dress or our hair, but also through our music. Take a walk down memory lane with us by listening to India.Arie’s breakthrough hit, “Video” “I’m not the average girl from your video, and i ain’t built like a supermodel, but… Read more »

Black Love: Toya and MempHitz Wright

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Toya & Memphitz Wright had a chance to spend time with Toya and MempHitz Wright as they shot their exclusive ‘rolling out’ cover pictures. Take a look at the video. I love young Black Love. It makes us hopeful for our generations and the ones to come after us!  

Makeup Artist Does Amazing Celebrity Transformation Into Drake

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Promise Phan

Makeup Artists can do amazing things with a few products, brushes, and creativity. YouTube celebrity transformation guru Promise Phan, or better known to her subscribers as dope2111 posted a mind boggling transformation of herself into artist Drake using hair lotion, various shadows, eye liner and black face paint. She’s also transformed herself seamlessly into an… Read more »

Sh*t Black Girls Say Part 1

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Sh*t Black Girls Say

We found this hilarious video by internet sensation Billy Sorrells titled “Sh*t Black Girls Say”, a parody based on “Sh*t Girls Say”. In the video Sorrells reenacts classic lines black girls do in fact say, complete with a long black wig, sassy attitude, gotee, and all. Watch part one of the video below. We couldn’t… Read more »

New Video: Rihanna- ‘You Da One’

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Rihanna you da one

Rihanna just released her new video for “You Da One” from her album Talk That Talk. You already saw the behind the scenes look into making the video. Rih Rih shows off a slow sultry side, grabbing her crotch and grinding to the beat in a London factory. She rocked different platinum blonde wigs, a… Read more »

Rihanna ‘You Da One’ Behind The Scenes Video

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Rihanna behind the scenes

Rihanna rocks a platinum blonde wig and short pixie cut with her signature rockstar edge in her new video for “You Da One” off her newest album Talk That Talk. Shot in London, Rihanna continues to add sex appeal with her suggestive dances and added flare with a gold diamond bottom grill. Check out the… Read more »