Makeup Mondays: Get Fashion Week glam with Eddie Reyes!

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makeup by eddie reyes

1. Use colorful eyeliners. Switch from your black eyeliner to some new colors like plum, olive green, or indigo.  A black eyeliner may accentuate your eyes to a limit, but they make them look small and close the eyes because darker colors make the eye recede. Some colors, even brown, can be softer. 2. Ditch… Read more »

Makeup Mondays: False eyelash tips from Eddie Reyes

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  Lash extensions are definitely part of most women’s lives in 2014. I’m not talking about the lash extensions from the nail salon that look like bird wings. These are extensions normally from a prestigious hair and beauty salons. It’s one of the fastest ways to make your eyes pop and it’s convenient for women on-the-go,… Read more »

Makeup Mondays: Flawless foundation with Eddie Reyes

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    The most important rule for perfecting your skin is the healthier your skin, the less makeup you will need. Cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating is so important. If your skin is healthy before makeup, you will wear less makeup and the makeup you do wear will look more natural and even prettier.   When… Read more »

Makeup Mondays: Tips for fuller lashes with Eddie Reyes

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    Use a small mascara brush on your lower lashes, as well as the lashes near the inner corner of your eyes. A tinier brush makes it easier to grab onto the smaller lashes.   Skip mascara on the bottom lashes to make eyes appear lifted, and more awake.   No need to stop… Read more »

Makeup Mondays: Tips for better brows with Eddie Reyes

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      When filling in brows, take short, swift strokes to make tiny hair-like marks with your brow pencil for a more realistic look.     Use a primer on your eyebrows before applying pencil or powder. It’ll makes the product adhere to the skin better and stay on longer.      After filling… Read more »

Makeup Monday: Makeup tips from Eddie Reyes

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​ Mix your concealer with a bit of eye cream. It blends better for a more smooth application. Always wash your face with cold water. Hot water turns your face red from the warmth and can show red looking vessels. Take it an extra step before a date and rub an ice cube over your… Read more »

Makeup Monday: Tips and tricks for looking good on the go

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putting on Mascara

    Rub your mascara wand on a clean tissue before applying. This helps get rid of any clumps before you start. It will help make your lashes look longer and fuller.    Always fill in your eyebrows, even if you don’t wear makeup. It cause a more youthful look and creates an instant face… Read more »

Makeup Mondays: Skincare tips with Eddie Reyes

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Just because you have the Monday blues doesn’t mean you have to look like it. Today is Makeup Monday and we are dishing out some of our tips from one of the hottest makeup artist, Eddie Reyes. Before you beat your face, you have to treat your face… right. Oddly enough, add a plant in your room!… Read more »