Fall Beauty Trend: Go Dark for Lips

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Tis’ the season to rock a dark lip!  I love this time of the year because the colors are changing and the atmosphere is shifting.  Pink was popping in the summer but now it’s time go dark.  Purples, Plums, Browns, and Dark Oranges are in.  Read more after the jump…

Pretty Girl Drink of the Week: Evening in Paris

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After a long hard week I’m sure that you’re looking to let your hair down with your closest friends and have good drinks and good food over great conversation.  What better way than to invite your girls over and make drinks?!  Try this recipe out for the ‘Evening in Paris’ pretty drink, guaranteed to be… Read more »

LBD: Little Black Dresses

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Ever looked through your closet to find something to wear and been struck with the realization that you do not own THE closet essential — The Little Black Dress? Black is slimming, it’s a universal color that looks good on everyone, its chic and oh did I mention slimming? I challenge you to find the… Read more »

Aren’t You Tired of Being A Bad B****?

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bad b

    When did the title “bad b**ch” come into frutition anyway?   As time progresses, so does music, but is it changing for the better?  Our women have lowered themselves to the misogynistic titles that we hear from our male hip hop stars who are more focused on getting money, and not out of new-age… Read more »

3 Ways to Party Safely This Summer

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safe fun this summer

  When out enjoying the everything that goes with the season of ‘fun in the sun,’ things can happen. The pounding music can entrance you, those alcoholic drinks can effect you and ultimately those clothes, or lack thereof, can come off. Maybe that’s not your thing however, maybe you prefer lounging poolside, beachside or just Southside… Read more »

Female Success Factor: The Digital S.H.E. Held in Chicago

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Female Success Factor- Chicago

A capacity crowd of female entrepreneurs, students, and those transitioning in their careers attended The Steed Society and rolling out’s Female Success Factor: The Digital S.H.E. held at Chicago’s swanky (and black-owned) Society Art Gallery. The free event was sponsored by U.S. Cellular. In his opening remarks rolling out publisher Munson Steed advised women to focus on where they… Read more »