Mo’Nique Reveals New Workout Photos

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MoNique Workout Plan

  Mo’Nique has always represented proudly for curvy women, but now Mo’Nique is working on being a healthy woman with curves. The entertainer recently began upping her fitness routine to get in better shape, and over the past week she released some new workout photos of her slimmed down frame. Mo’Nique began her weight-loss routine back… Read more »

3 Ways to Party Safely This Summer

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safe fun this summer

  When out enjoying the everything that goes with the season of ‘fun in the sun,’ things can happen. The pounding music can entrance you, those alcoholic drinks can effect you and ultimately those clothes, or lack thereof, can come off. Maybe that’s not your thing however, maybe you prefer lounging poolside, beachside or just Southside… Read more »

6 Cities Where HIV Testing Should be Mandatory

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  If you’re a black woman living in the United States it’s important to note that your heterosexual partners could be putting you at an increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, especially if you live in one of the cities with the highest HIV/AIDS rates among blacks in the country. HIV isn’t the only risk however,… Read more »

Curvy and Fit : Tips to Maintain a Curvaceous but Tone Body

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Naturally curvy body and unsure how to work out without losing your curves completely? To maintain can certainly be hard but to tone ideal areas without losing femininity, while having curves is very difficult. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Ashanti, and Beyonce are known for naturally curvaceous bodies and go to all measures to stay fit…. Read more »

Is Your Fashion Style Safe? 7 Dangerous Fashion Trends

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dangerous fashion trends

Not to send you all scrambling to Web MD to find out if you’ve got meralgia paresthetica or anything, but we thought this piece from the Wall Street Journal- rounding up some health risks associated with certain clothes and accessories-was pretty interesting. Are you a potential fashion victim? Find out!    1. Skinny jeans : Wearing practically-painted-on pants… Read more »

5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Look Fancy

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 “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” How many times have we heard this line? In fact the quote is legit because in order for your brain to function properly, it needs food. But if you’re like me, I usually skip breakfast because 1.) I overslept and I’m rushing out or 2.) I’m… Read more »

10 Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas

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quick and easy dinner ideas

Tired of eating out all the time, or are you trying to cook for that special guy in your life, but don’t know where to start?  Check out these great, quick and easy dinner ideas that pretty much any young woman with two hands can handle.  Most of these meals are great because not only… Read more »

5 Tips for the Perfect Butt: Summer 2012

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How many times have you laid in bed at 2 am watching those intense Brazilian Butt Lift infomercials and felt obligated to jump out of bed to start butt exercising right then and there? Guilty? I know it’s hard not to fall into the hype, but it is important to have determination and set a… Read more »

5 Natural Libido Boosters

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Boosting your sex drive is much easier than you may think! Libido boosters are everywhere, in food, exercises, herbs and more. Before going out to purchase some special treatment to get you in the mood try these simple solutions. 1. Aphrodisiacs Sexually suggestive look-alikes such as oysters and asparagus are packed with vitamins such as… Read more »

Super Foods For A Healthy Lifestyle

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Super foods for a healthy lifestyle

  Looking to start new diet and fitness regime? Or are you just looking to eat a lot healthier than your typical fast food runs? Check out these 10 Super Foods that will help you get on the right track!     Low fat Yogurt  Low fat or fat-free plain yogurt is higher in calcium than… Read more »

WNBA Star Ivory Latta Shines as Ambassador for Health and Hoops

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Ivory Latta

Ivory Latta is a superstar. The former UNC standout and 11thoverall pick in the 2007 WNBA draft is also the all-time leading scorer (men’s and women’s) in South Carolina prep hoops history. January 10 is Ivory Latta Day in York, S.C. She is the National Ambassador for Parkinson’s Disease Foundation Champions Program and, oh yeah,… Read more »

6 Worst Cities for HIV for Black Women

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African-American women are five times more likely to contract HIV in the following six cities than are black women across the rest of America. Rates of infection come close to those of some sub-Saharan African countries. Researchers at world-renowned Johns Hopkins discovered found that in the following cities the annual rate of infection was 24… Read more »

Gross! Starbucks Admits Using Dead Bugs in Frappuccinos

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starbucks frappuccino

Starbucks has the vegan community seeing red over what it recently began using to color its Strawberry Frappuccinos: beetles. That’s beetles as in ground up cochineal beetles — mostly found in Mexico and South America. Gross as that may sound, it’s a common, government-approved food coloring used widely throughout the food industry. It’s in everything… Read more »

6 Ways Laughter Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Laughter Improves your Sex Life

Most of us are too busy being sexy to let out even the smallest chuckle, but what most don’t realize is that your giggle is the sexiest thing to hear.A newly developed concept, Laughter Yoga, will definitely help spice up your life- in the streets and in the bed. Laughter Yoga is the brainchild of… Read more »

11 Things That Are Horrible For Your Skin

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Being famous always seems like it’s a glamorous life, but for most of your favorite celebs, their skin is taking a huge beating. Of course we all know lack of sleep and water can be detrimental to your fresh face, but what are some of the things that most of us don’t think about when those break outs start… Read more »