Tips for Coloring Natural Hair

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In general, coloring hair can be risky and even more risky if your hair is natural. Luckily as we transition into the Fall, the blondes fade out and we’re forecasting more reds, Auburns and shades of brown, which by the way is a lot safer for your hair. Maintaining healthy hair is a concern that… Read more »

Top 6 Flat Irons for Black Hair

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Want your hair laid like the celebs, but don’t have the big bucks to spend in the hair salon?  You can get that healthy shiny hair right at home. It’s all about choosing the right iron to get the job done. African-American hair is completely different than any other texture and it’s the most fragile, therefore we… Read more »

2012 MTV VMA Makeup Trends: Which is Your Favorite?

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The 2012 MTV VMAs  brought out so many of our beautiful entertainers that rocked some of the hottest makeup trends this season.  The new trends are all about the lips.  If it’s not a smokey eye, most makeup artists are leaving a really clean look, and accentuating eyelashes, brows, and lips. The top lip trends that we… Read more »

5 Celebs Rocking Crazy Hair Colors

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It seems like celebrities are always trying to set themselves apart from the crowd with their outrageous appearances or even publicity stunts. One thing that has definitely caught our attention is the crazy hair colors celebs are sporting now. Pink wig wearing, Nicki Minaj shook up the rap game with her wild looks and Chris… Read more »

9 Natural Hair Care Tips to Help Save Time

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  There is an area of our hair routine that many of us particularly dislike. For you it might be detangling. For someone else it may be styling. Whatever the least favorite aspect of your hair routine is decide to be lazy in that area but be fairly disciplined about the rest. As you go… Read more »

Top 5 Homemade Exfoliators For Pretty Skin

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Homemade exfoliators are some of the best in the world! Whether you want to get rid of some breakouts you might be having or you’re trying to prevent the breakouts, homemade exfoliators can help! So ladies, I’ve got the top 5 homemade exfoliators that will make a huge difference in how your skin feels!  … Read more »

10 Natural Head Wrap Styles in 10 Minutes or Less!

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  Silk head scarves have increased in popularity among naturals (and non-naturals!) over the past couple years. They’re super versatile, easy and — when done right — very cute. Vlogger Naptural85 has compiled 10 different ways to tie a head scarf in less than 10 minutes! The styles include The Chic Pirate, The Turban, The… Read more »

True Life: I Love My Hair Nappy and Undone

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    I am a woman I am a black woman. I am a black woman who doesn’t care about her hair.     I grew up a tomboy that didn’t mind wearing dresses. I spent more time riding my bike than practicing how to put on makeup. My mom used to put a couple… Read more »

7 Awesome Advantages of Short Natural Hair

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  Although long hair has been the beauty standard since the beginning of time, a lot of our natural hair sistas are now sporting a short do’.  Whether it’s because you’ve undergone the ‘big chop‘ or because you just needed a change, there are a few surprising advantages to having short hair.   1. Stronger Ends New… Read more »

Top 5 Celebrity Fashion/Beauty Brands

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Everyone has their favorite fashion and beauty brands that I call ‘go-to’s’.  It’s often fun to step outside of the box and try something different that our favorite celebs have produced.  Take a look at our top 5 celebrity fashion and beauty brands below… Beyonce:  Heat Fragrance Angela and Vanessa Simmons:  Pastry Jill Scott:  Butterfly… Read more »

Nicki Minaj To Release New Fragrance This Fall

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  Nicki Minaj took to Twitter early this week to debut her first fragrance called Pink Friday.  Dedicating her latest business venture to her Barbz, Nicki compared her perfume’s fragrance  to “angels playing”, and of course the bottle wouldn’t be complete without her signature pink bob. The bottle features a pink bewigged mannequin with a Nicki Minaj… Read more »

Celebrities with the Nude Lip

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Ladies love lipstick!  With all of the vibrant colors that have been released as of late we cannot forget about Nude.  Check out some of our favorite celebs that rock the nude lip. -Europe Angelique    

5 Black Beauties for COVERGIRL

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Janelle Monae is the new face of CoverGirl and we are loving it. The 26 year-old singer is bringing spunky flavor to the decades-old brand adding some very new flare! The easy, breezy, beautiful campaign is constantly making strides to reach its brown consumers and they have really done a great job throughout the years… Read more »

5 Reasons I Love My Weave

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True, it is that natural hair is in, but most of us with the so-called “natural” hair know what it is when it comes to summer heat, sweat and rain; a hair catastrophe. I have been natural all my life, so this natural hair kick was nothing to me. I’ve been dealing with the frizz… Read more »

Pretty Nail Trend of the Week: Magnetic Nail Polish

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Nail polish and nail art is a huge trend right now.  It isn’t always easy to achieve a chic nail look from home. This was true up until Magnetic Nail Polish was release. No, your nails aren’t technically magnetic, but the bottle does come with a magnetic cap that allows you to change the nail… Read more »

5 Most Popular Celebrity Endorsed Weave Brands

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Weave, weave, and more weave!  What’s not to love about weave?!  It may be a little tough on your pockets but it’s worth it.  As of lately, a lot of our favorite celebs have been signing endorsement deals with weave brands. As they make television, red carpet, and promotional appearances, the brands get  the perks… Read more »

Top 10 Red Carpet Ponytails

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The ponytailso convenient and classic. Ponytails can be dressed up for a night on the town or dressed down for a morning run in the park. That’s the beauty of the ponytail they can be whatever you need them to be, whenever you need them. With weave, a french braid or whimsical curls, the ponytail can complete… Read more »

10 Celebs That Rock Red Lips

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Red lips are a number of things: sexy, seductive, classy, elegant and the list could go on. But red lips can only be achieved by few, any slight error, be it with shading or stained teeth, red lips can take a face from glam to granny with the blink  of an eye. The key to… Read more »